are you brave enough for


  • GOLD3 Alpha core is provided as-is and is a work in progress in alpha stage.
  • No support is offered by Apollo Team until the final release, any request in forums will be ignored (in best case).
  • Apollo Team will not take responsibility for any damage or data loss using it, you are on your own dude !
  • Provided GOLD3 Alpha does NOT contain RTG nor FPU.
  • Floppy won't work.
  • GOLD3 Alpha is intended to be used with Vampire 600 V2(.1) and Vampire 500 V2(+) only.
  • An USB Blaster is required to flash GOLD3 Alpha cores. Forgot how to use it ? Wiki will again help you.
  • Set your Workbench screen to 640x256 and delete overscan.prefs from ENVARC:Sys/
  • Usage of FBlit is recommended but not mandatory.
If you want to help debugging, follow this procedure and send your results to Do not expect any answer.

Ok bro, understood and will comply